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Students from the Southeastern Michigan area have taken part in our ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAMS for over 30 years. The Dorfman Family Foundation Youth Theatre has brought powerful age-appropriate anti-bullying shows to schools throughout Michigan.  The Foundation is pleased to announce that  Stand Up Youth Theatre is the new 501-c-3 not-for-profit that will continue this rich legacy of service to the community.

Over 500,000 students have participated in our interactive plays which come right to your school and include study guides with pre and post show activities for your students as well as a post performance discussion with your students.  All plays augment your safe school programs and meet common core requirements for 5th and 7th grade English.

Bullying destroys positive interactions among your students. 
  • stop the bullying cycle by scheduling performances of these interactive professional anti-bullying shows which have mesmerized and impacted over 500 schools and a half -million students. 

Performances are designed to supplement your schools character development programs.
  • Meet Michigan’s Safe School Law with active stories that deal with social cliques, verbal and physical intimidation, and cyber bullying. 

Meet core requirements for English in 5th and 7th grade.
  • These important lessons are presented through plot and theatrical performance.

Professional actors and sufficient time for an active talk-back with your students.
  • These are powerful assembly length programs featuring a post show discussion.

What their saying about our shows.

Larson Middle School

Mary McGeath

Extremely attentive during the play!!

After the play many students told me how much the enjoyed the show and could really relate.

Great Oaks Elementary

Kathy Elias

The discussion led by the actors was wonderful.  We highly recommend this program!

Elliot Elementary

Roopa Anand

It really made them think about what they say to others.

Stout Middle School

Fatima Tekko

The students felt it was real and the performers were so serious.

Western Middle School

Becky McKenney

Excellent quality, students really enjoyed the performance.

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It's never too late to stop the hate...




I Was Just Kidding 

Elementary Schools

Mean Girls, Word 

Upper Elementary &

Middle Schools  


Middle & High Schools


 I Was Just Kidding

tells the story of three young friends and their lesson on how sometimes jokes can be hurtful.

Grade Level: Elementary age

Length: 30 minutes plus 15-20 min.

talkback with performers. 

Mean Girls

This show explores the 4 major roles young girls often take on in bullying, the Queen Bee, the Banker, the Bystander, and the Victim.  

Grade Level: Upper Elementary to Middle school age. 

Length: 30 minutes plus 15-20 min. talkback with performers. 

Word Anti-Bullying Assembly


 This show examines the three roles in bullying; the bully, victim, and bystander, and how they each can prevent bullying from happening.

Grade Level: Upper Elementary to Middle school age.

Length: 30 minutes plus 15-20 min. talkback with performers. 

Shame Anti-Bullying Assembly


Set in a courtroom, students from your school will become actors as they are selected to join the professional actors on stage as jurors. Questions from the prosecution and defense attorney allow the characters in the play to reflect on their actions, while reenactments of certain events will present your students with ethical dilemmas for them to consider.


*Warning this show confronts cyberbullying and suicide


Grade Level: Middle and High school age 

Length: 30 minutes plus 15-20 min.

talkback with performers. 

Students view I Was Just Kidding Anti-Bullying elementary school assembly

Book your performance today!
Call 248-284-1219 or email 
for assembly cost.


Students view I Was Just Kidding Anti-Bullying elementary school assembly

For almost three decades The Dorfman Family Foundation has been responsible for presenting professional touring shows to over half a million students.

Pearl Lean Elementary

Henry Keener

The students were engaged excited and learned strategies to help them work on kindness.

Central Elementary

Jennifer Badley, PTA

I was so amazed at how intently they listened.

Carleton Middle School

Deborah Lane

The performance and actors exceeded expectations. All of the students were attentive and engaged.

Dixon Educational Learning Academy

Jamie Franks

…incredibly wonderful in helping our students learn about bullying.  The next morning, I had a young man approach me in the hall and tell me how wonderful the play was. It made my day!

Grissom Middle School

Denise Landers

They did a great job! Students described the experience as ”fun, hilarious, worthwhile and good.”

Alcott Elementary

Dr. Vanessa Carter  

Very informative and engaging, The students loved the performance. It made a considerable impression on them; and assisted with later behavioral support and discussion.

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